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hi ya!! it's lina!! ok, i'm ignorant in knowing anything about nursing now:rolleyes: ...jus click my name...i've learned so much already from all the wonderful and helpful ppl at this website!! ya... Read More

  1. by   NurseLiNA
    awwwwwwwwwwwwww!!!!!!!! omigoodness!! i just posted this thread the other day and look how many posts i got!! i was soooo amazed by all of the comments. u guys have no idea how special that was.!! seriously, when i was just skimming and strolling down the page, i, out of nowhere started crying...i don't know why. i was shocked myself!! this is the first time anything like this ever happened to me before. i never got this emotional before....i even had the chills!! i thought to myself "...u weirdo, why are u crying?? it's just nursing" no, this isnt just nursing, it's a whole LOT more!! this is my life!! this is what i'm to become in the next 4-6 years...this is my future LUV...i thank all of u ever so much. ur posts touched me in a way i've never imagined. ur posts made my drive and ambition even stronger and helped me to jus simply stop and disregard my family's disappointment of me becoming a nurse even more. i thank ya...w/all of my heart, this is me, this is my path............
  2. by   rnparrot
    nursing is the greatest profession to be in. i personally had "the calling" it was something i wanted to do as a little girl and pursued my dream as a married mother with 2 babies. I have never really liked any job i had until i became a nurse. I LOVE going to work, i love the patients, you get the pats on the back...from the patients, it is the most self gratifying and self rewarding job a person could ever want. It might not be the most glamourise job....but you can always go home knowing that you made a difference to someone today. and no profession offers so many different aspects of employment that a nurse can do. you are never stuck in one place. Yes, you have those frustrating days and those days you wonder why you became a nurse, but those good days far outweigh the bad! I would never not consider nursing in some capacity.
  3. by   Uptoherern
    one of the best things is "beat the dr.'s to the diagnosis"......hey, doc- this lady has a temp of 103 and pin point pupils..can't move her right side. hx: cva ........ does PONS ischemia ring a bell? or how about hx: etoh now gib....doc wants an ng...yo dr! would you like to do that yourself? or would you like me to exsanguinate the patient by myself? Elderly pt. comes into er.... with temp/confusion. doc orders every thinkable lab EXCEPT ua...hello? Foley inserted without order, UA sent (without order), pt has massive urosepsis...duh. I like to one up them. ha!
  4. by   Emperess
    Originally posted by Daisy
    After 25 years in the business, the one thing that still has me in love with the profession is when the patient is glad to know that I'm coming back tomorrow.That still makes the job rewarding.
    I couldn't agree more! If I'm feeling really sick or for whatever reason am tempted to call in sick or request standby - but I know a patient is counting on me to be back that night - I'm there no matter what.

    I still have this chocolate bar a family member gave me just after his wife died of a massive head injury (motorcycle VS deer, no helmet, struggled with ICPs for days) that says "Thanks a million" on it and looks like a million dollar bill. I don't think I'll ever be able to eat it, it reminds me that this is not a thankless job, and there are all the rewards there if you look for them.

    Another important thing to me that I always love is giving a patient the education that they need and sorely deserve. I had a pt with diabetes, had it for MANY years, checked sugars, gave insulin, etc; but overall was shockingly uneducated about her dz. We spent an hour talking about complications of poor circulation and healing time, periph neuropathy, retinopathy and nephropathy, all of which was news to her. This all stemmed from a comment about taking care of her feet, and her asking me why. I've never seen anyone so grateful for "someone taking the time to explain all this stuff" to her (her words). Words can't describe the fuzzy feeling you get in your heart from that.
  5. by   MrsK1223
    There is something else I've realized in nursing...is that if I make my patients #1 priority, which is what we're supposed to do anyway, but really keep the patient in mind...all the other crap like bad coworkers, administration and so on really don't count...as long as you do what is best for the patient, screw the rest. We are the ADVOCATE...and that can be a powerful driving force...
  6. by   babyMaNGo
    What do I absolutely LUV about nursing? THIS is what I LUV about the nursing! THIS thread. THESE nurses!! THEIR posts! I came into nursing (well considered it) because I want to love my profession. I can care less about the pay. And these nurses, and their passion for it is what I admire most!
  7. by   Dublin37
    Gosh, I really needed this thread, what a boost! I was feeling so guilty about not being a 'good enough' mom. I am so encouraged after reading this, I so appreciate all of you. I still have a wait before getting into the program, but I've NEVER been this excited about a profession before. And I've done quite a few different ones.
    The other day one of those J & J commercials were on about nursing, and I just started crying, telling my 11 yo d, "what an amazing thing, to be able to care for people, I mean, what a privelege to get paid for caring." Sappy I know....maybe I'm PMSing too. heehee Heather
  8. by   mattsmom81
    What I love about nursing is the contact I have with a variety of fellow human beings, and the opportunity to impact their life in a positive way.

    Some will say nursing is 'just a job' but to me it is an opportunity to use my gifts and do some good in the world: one person at a time.