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https://allnurses.com/bb/smile.gifWhat do you do for yourself? How do you destress/unwind after work? Emotionally, I'm bringing my work home with me, which I know is not healthy. Also, I've been... Read More

  1. by   NurseLinda
    Good questions. My hubby and I get away for 3-4 days every week, and then every 2-3 months we take our kids off for a vacation. Refreshes AND the quality of family life skyrockets!! :-)

    Linda/CMAS, BS, RN
  2. by   puzzler
    OK--I know a lot of city dwellers will not be able to do this BUT the best stress reliever/exercise thing in the world for me is horses. I lost over 40 lbs in 9 months and ate everything and anything I want.

    First the destressor part-- grooming and riding are wonderful. While I groom I tell my horse about all the bad (and good) things that happen at work. He listens and never judges. It really helps just to verbalize. My horses never care what you say, they just like to be talked to. While riding you need to have your mind on what you are doing (not off at work somewhere)

    Now the exercise part--Grooming and riding again but also cleaning those stalls. A very good work out for the whole body. Then of course there is hauling hay and grain. Also gets you out in the fresh air and sunshine-- I am one of those people that just HAVE TO HAVE sunshine.

    I had 6 of them for a few years but am down to 3 now.

    Other things that I do to help myself is create crossword puzzles and do gardening (flowers)

    I have been a nurse for 24 years now and no ulcers or depression and my weight is within a good range. I also do not believe in snacking but I love good food.

    Good luck

    Other things that I do

    If you enjoy word puzzles come visit me at www.CrosswordsForNurses.com
  3. by   Doc
    Many of my friends who are nurses couldn't get to sleep for hours after a shift. I think it's really important to debrief after a big one. Just find another nurse who is empathic, your manager or ADON even! It is actually part of their role to be there for other nurses. As nurses we do go through quite a lot on many of our shifts. We can't debrief very well to our spouses, because usually they don't understand our situations, or are caught up in their own worries, or are too tired when we get home.

    I like the idea of having a bath - put a few drops of lavender oil in the tub! I have a foot spa whenever I don't have time for a bath. It takes the aching out of my feet. I find walking is a great stress reliever and you can actually reflect in a constructive way while you're doing it. I also go fishing, which is one of the most relaxing things you can do. I also recommend tai chi and yoga to those who don't mind doing something a bit "new age". Both are a great combination of relaxation and physical exercise. Well, that's what I do to stay on top of things.

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