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What constitutes a "real" nurse? I have been an RN for 4 years, with experience in correctional nursing, and in the community as a supervisor of CNAs in the geriatric setting. I have never worked... Read More

  1. by   realnursealso/LPN
    Hey Momfirst, You are most definately a real nurse. When my children were small I worked the night shift to be home with them to get off to school. If you are a good teacher I say go for it. Why would you ever think you are not a realnurse? I have had my LPN license for 22yrs and haven't worked in a hospital for many years. I do high tech peds homecare for an agency...because it suits my lifestyle. The kids may be grown now but I can work when I want to work. I think you should go for the teaching job...good teachers are so necessary to the medical field. And I agree with previous posters..why worry about it...if in the future you really want to go into hospital nursing you can always take a refresher course. I know that one of my teachers inspired me to go on when the going got rough, and you sound like you could inspire people to keep going...so don't worry about working in the trenches, they will always be there, when and if you are ready. Take the teaching job, and enjoy all the weekends and holidays with your kids. And HAPPY FOURTH OF JULY!!!!
  2. by   momfirst
    THANKS for making this nurse feel validated and real! It makes a BIG difference coming from you all. I appreciate you sharing your own experiences and opening my eyes to see that yes, my kids won't always be small. Sometimes I forget that.

    Whoever said that nurses don't support each other? Your replies really touched my heart.
  3. by   Y2KRN
    Hello Momfirst,

    I have children the same ages as yours! I have just started a nursing career and am getting ready to start a new job in the ER. Believe me I question everyday if I should stay home with my kids, I took this job because it was something that I have always wanted to do and the hours are better for me.

    You are a real nurse and being a teacher is a very rewarding aspect of nursing!!!!! We need you just as much as we need hospital nurses, you will actively participate in the future of nursing profession, and that is a very big contribution! The hours will be great for you and your family, go for it and never question whether you are a real nurse!!!!! Good luck to you, and let us know how things are going!!!!
  4. by   kellyjrn
    Hey there momfirst...I just wanted to add my two cents also and that is that I agree with what everyone here has said, and believe that you need to go where you WANT to be, and not where you think you should be because of some unreasonable standard....Nurses are everything, and everywhere. They do all kinds of different tasks and skills, including TEACHING....Lots and lots of TEACHING. We all need people like you out there who have that gift. We all have different chemistries and likes and dislikes, but you can never go wrong to go where your heart is...and by the way, look at your logon name...HELLO!!! I think you have answered your own question before you even asked it...take care and good luck!!
  5. by   Surgerygirl
    hi momfirst,
    [font='comic sans ms']this will not be a popular answer but........ you need to develop your skills. you will continue to question if you are " a real nurse " and limit your employment opportunities without becoming a well rounded nurse. that being said, in retrospect, i would spend more time with my kids ( less call and ot ) than i did. it is a choice you and only you can make. it is a trade-off.... which is more important to you?
    [font='comic sans ms']this is just the opinion of a 51 y/o rn whose children are now grown ( i do spend a lot of time with my little granddaughters ) choose wisely as there are no do overs with your kids. my grown kids say i was there for them enough, however i know now that i was not ( i was too busy taking call and working ot on 12 hour shifts ).