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Has anyone ordered lab coats, stethescopes, cuffs, or other things from a company that gave prompt, communicative, customer service?.....'cause I'm still looking. I ordered an embroidered lab... Read More

  1. by   Peeps Mcarthur
    If you ordered from allheart.com and you have been wondering where the hell your order is I can give you a phone number and some "researchers" names. If all of you would just not order from them and my story would save you the trouble I've gone through, then this post would have been worth it.
    If you are considering placing an order from fall-a-part.com
    Please read on

    I promised to respond When allheart.com had taken care of the problem with my labcoat order.
    Here is the final result:
    After almost four weeks I received my labcoat (10-14 days for shipping UPS ground was the claim on their website). The letters had been sewn onto the material without putting any backing material on the inside to prevent fraying and unraveling of the stitchwork, so it will probably come apart unless I get some backing from some store somewhere and get it ironed on there(what a pain in the gluteal).

    I never got a phone number from them, but I did get it off my caller ID. They have a selection on their automated recordings for customer service issues, but it's just a message line........24hrs later nobody had called me gee, I was soooooo suprised. I thought it was just as worthless as their "customer service email" but I thought I would give it a fair chance. Then I figured the best way to get a real person was to punch the line for ordering. Certainly they are much more interested in taking the orders than seeing that they are filled........There was certainly a prompt response to that, and inside of 10 seconds I was talking to a real live "customer service representative" (they call them that before they have your order, otherwise they are know as "research").
    The tone in her voice was that of someone holding something uncomfortable and looking for somewhere to put it down. I read the names of the people who had appeared on my form letter email responses from "research" (I really thought they were all ficticious) until she could find one on her list. I was transferred after she had asked me to hold while she found out where this person was to put me in direct contact. As I leaned back, confident that this person would help me, before my back touched the couch I was transferred to ................VOICE MAIL

    I left a detailed message with this person including my home phone, work phone, email, requesting just some idea of where my order was in the process. I waited the obligatory 24 hrs with no response so now I was ready to talk refund. I used the automated "customer service" (sales) line and gave them the name to transfer without telling them that I had a complaint, so I would infer that my call was expected and at the sales counter no less. I must have seemed like a corporate customer they actually cared about. I learned how to get around the "gatekeeper" in sales. I talked directly to the "researcher" apparently because she tapped a few times on her keyboard and told me that it was shipped the day before. I had been trying to get a response for three weeks and she just punched it up in about 10 seconds She got rid of me just as quickly without an apology, but why should she bother really. She's not customer service after all. She's in research, right?

    I guess losing one persons business is really no big deal to them.
    I can only hope that the loss of my business is not where it stops.
    You are an educated group of individuals and I'm counting on you to be wise enough to see that they don't care about individual accounts. I didn't just "fall through the cracks". Repeated requests were ignored. No effort was made except for mine.
    Please don't order from them. They don't deserve your business.

    Columbia, MD