what can i do about this?

  1. I just got a phone call from a friend that still does PRN at my facility. She said they asked her to work next month, because I was now scheduled to work alone that night. She has another job now, and can't work then. My question is this: what rights do I have as to not working alone? I refuse to work alone at any costs, but can they fire me for this? I realize that I can't clock in, etc. Another nurse made the comment that she didn't mind working alone as long as it was a calm night, but we man a small ER and hospital so who knows what might go down. Also, it would be very hard to call someone in that could get there quickly. Thanks so much for the advice.
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  3. by   micro
    my only advice.........wouldn't do it myself.........

    but more input please.......where do you work.....how many patients, residents, acute or subacute or intermediate care........

    have you spoke to your DON, manager, human resources about it.......

    check out your nurse practice acts.....

    not to create undue stress here, but it is your license that you are protecting in what you do.........prepare, gain knowledge and make steps either direction you go.........

    put foot down and say no.........give notice and move on.....

    but that is only my advice........lol
  4. by   CATHYW
    Micro gives good advice. Since you have a month's lead time, raise the issue with your manager, the Nursing Supv., and hospital administration, if necessary. They may have to hire an agency nurse for that shift. Do NOT work alone. You know that the roof can absolutely fall in, sometimes in ER, with no warning.
    Keep us posted-
  5. by   Brownms46
    I had the very same situation happen on a contract I was one month into. I can over to the facility to get my time sheet signed...as I wasn't scheduled to work again before it was due. When I arrived...I met the person who did the scedule...don't remember her title. This was the first and only contract I took in a LTC unit....but it was to be more acute residents...post surg...they reguried care along the lines....that they usually would be given in a hospital setting.

    I was told...that they had no one to work with me on the nite I was due to come back in. She made it plain....that I would be covering three units...including a Alzhiemer locked unit...staffed with just one aid to about 25- 30 pts....plus over 100 others. The majority of the CNAs were many times agency...and most were foriegn born. I had one leave the locked unit to remove laundry one nite....to my horror.....and those poor souls had no way to get out if something had happened. I ran to the unit...even though she tried to tell me they were all asleep! I found four or five up walking around! ! ! I had another who tried to lie down on a sofa in the hallway...right in front of me....and another who left a resident dirty...."because the resident was asleep"!!!

    I told her I would have my agency get back with her. She tried to force me to say I would do tihs...right then and there...but I stood my ground...and told her I would have my agency get back to her.

    I went home and immediately called the agency...and told them what was presented to me. I was put in contact asap with the clinical director....who totally agreed with me...this was an unsafe situation..she talked to the powers that be at the agency...and it was decided...that my contract would end that day! In all the years I have never did this....but I was not going to put myself in that position....no matter who else was willing to do.....or had done it...as the facility tried to justify!

    My agency took care of me...thank God...but even if they hadn't I would not have gone back there!!

    It's up to you what you decide...but think of the worst nite you have ever had there....and how this could be repeated on the nite you're there by yourself...!
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  6. by   DethOkay
    Being placed in a bad position is hard. What to say what to do ect. But you must hold your ground. If something happens, some one is injured, the work isnt done, it will fall back on you. As we like ot say its your licene, your ass on the line not theirs.

    Luckly you have large amount of time before this happens, stand your ground. Be prepared to leave the hospital if necessary. but first ask questions, talk to the clinical directors. I feel once work gets arround there will be changes.