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I'm going to a meeting tonight with another classmate and an instructor that does some consulting work for hospitals... The meeting is just with us two students and 10-15 people who work in various... Read More

  1. by   Ortho_RN
    yeah.. I think I would put pt-nurse ratio above pay in importance... or very darn close
  2. by   GAstudent
    let us know how it went
  3. by   Ortho_RN
    It went well... There was a secret shopper in the group that revealed herself in the end... She was a manager for Select Specialty Hospital... Her and the CEO of the company were interested in ways to make their hospital more appealing... She has alot of interesting things to say.. She is a person that is FOR her nurses.. Which is good, there isn't enough managers like that...

    We made a list of our top 5 wants and they were (in no order):
    Low Pt/Nurse Ratio
    Flexible Scheduling
    Support from Management

    Once she revealed herself she covered those areas, and boy does that place sound appealing..

    they work 12hr shifts, and anything over 36hr/week is overtime.. They pay great for ot, it is 1.5 times base, then 1.5times that... It comes out for someone making 21.50/hr they would make like 48/hr for OT pay..

    Nrs to patient ratio is at the most 6patients, usually 4... Mainly b/c these patients are sick.. This hospital is an acute care long term hospital.. Patients are there a minimum of 25days..
    She went over too much for me to type...
    One of my nsg instructors works there PRN and she loves it.. The lady says she normally doesn't hire new grads, but that she would talk to my instructor and for me to come talk with her and she might change that thinking... She says she is "Thinking outside the box" Makes me feel good that my instructor thought of me, and she says she will give me a great reference to her..

    Does anyone work for Select or know anything about it??

    And do you think these patients are too much for a new grad.. (Most are dying, lots of vent patients, but there are some that just need long term antibiotics etc)
  4. by   susanmary
    Staffing for ACUITY -- safe floor conditions first and foremost. Secondary is benefits -- salary, insurance, time off, available child care, flexible scheduling, etc.

    Nurses are leaving acute care -- and nursing altogether -- primarily when they feel they can no longer give safe care and are placing their license in jeopary AND because of salary/benefits. It would seem logical, therefore, to fix these TWO issues and you would have nurses (and would-be students) flocking back to the bedside.

    Pretty simple, isn't it?
  5. by   lucianne
    Is that in Nashville? My mom is a patient in a Select Specialty Hospital there. The nurses I've talked to seem pretty happy there.

  6. by   SmilingBluEyes
    Two things: Safety (patient/nurse ratios being at the top) and RESPECT (for the staff, nurses, aides, ancillary personnel) by management/administration and physicians. Pipe dreams? I don't think so------I LOOK for these where I work and choose where I work carefully.
  7. by   Ortho_RN
    Originally posted by lucianne
    Is that in Nashville? My mom is a patient in a Select Specialty Hospital there. The nurses I've talked to seem pretty happy there.

    Its all over the place.. Im sure there is one in Nashville..