What are you making as an RN in the state of Alabama? Please give degree level.

  1. I am a first year RN student nurse and would like to know what the rate of pay for a RN in the state of Alabama. If you answer this thread please let me know what kind of degree you hold. I am currently working towards my associate degree. Thanks a bunch!!
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  3. by   nurs4kids
    Associates with 6yrs experience
    $22 hr/night shift plus charge pay
    One of the lower paying hospitals in Birmingham.
  4. by   Yalonda1
    Bachelor's degree- new RN grad with 6 months of experience
    Pay including night shift differential is $20....nothing extra for charge
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  5. by   KidzRN
    I work a Modified Baylor shift at a Birmingham hospital- I work 5p-5a every Sat and Sun. I work 24 hours and get paid for 36 (the extra 12 hours are only paid at day rate). I make $21.97 for actual hours worked, and $17.50 for the "unworked" portion. Not top dollar, but it enables me to make good money while only working 2 days a week which keeps me home Mon-Fri with my young children. Best part is.......I sit at a computer and talk on the phone to parents who call about their sick child.. It was worth a very small pay cut to get away from "hands-on" care.
    Good luck with your career!
  6. by   shunda
    I was just curious does anyone know how the hospitals are in Mobile, Alabama and how the pay scale for nurses are in that area, or even in the Huntsville area? Do you like the Birmingham area I live in Dothan and the pay scale for nurses here is horrible.