What are the efficient ways to apply for a nursing position

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    I'm a new graduate and I was wondering how other fellow collagues applied for their RN jobs,did you directly go to different facilities and filled out the ap? Or did you apply through computer? Thanks.
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  3. by   yetanotheramanda
    I applied online and also sent the NM an email stating that he would be receiving my application/resume and that I was very interested in the job...blahblahblah.
    During my interview he mentioned that the email was a nice touch and made him really look for my application among the many he had received. I got the job, so I guess it really did help.

    good luck!
  4. by   TeeTee,RN
    I have read some posts that say not to call and follow up because it annoys the HR department. But I called and that wasn't the case in my situation. I actually called two hospitals to follow up and it got me interviews with both. I got the job with one of them. There are hundreds of new grads, so you need to stand out from everyone else, so call and be noticed.
  5. by   chicookie
    I went directly to the floor and talked with the manager face to face. It got me 4 interviews and two jobs. One of the jobs I received I didn't even apply for. I just got it.
  6. by   I RN A
    Keep applying everywhere and anywhere you can. Apply on line, go to open houses, job fairs. Meet nurse recruiters. Have your resume printed out on a good resume paper. Post your resume on-line. Use websites such as nurse.com, advance nurse. The best sources are job fairs and open houses. Do something to put yourself ahead and differentiate from other new grads. Take some continuing education courses, even if it is not required. Stretch yourself one step farther and demonstrate the initiative. Know: you will get the job, even if it may take a few month, just keep trying!