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Hi, I am curious to find out if you don't want to work your rear end off or deal with a lot of blood etc... What areas of nursing would you all suggest to focus on?... Read More

  1. by   Quickbeam
    The holy grail of nursing is a laid-back, well paying, satisfying, low stress career with great hours. Most of us are still searching.
    It's a fascinating topic. I'm a community health nurse and I recently had a nursing student shadow me. I run a hot line (crisis calls about older and health impaired drivers), craft state policy, do in-services for the staff, handle the press including TV interviews at the drop of the hat and do 50 formal lectures a year in the community. I've got great hours: no nights, 3 day weekends, no holiday work, decent pay and terrific pension.

    The nursing student was worn out by my "laid back" job. I asked her why and she said "It's just too much stuff! Everyone expects you to be the expert!". Well, yes. Even a low stress job like mine can call upon a nurse to be accountable on a dime.

    I did disability management for a few years and we couldn't keep a nurse even though we paid very well with low stress. The reason? "We're bored." So, everyone has their own definition of a perfect job.