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I work on a tele floor where we have 4-5 patients and I feel like there is no one I can go to when a patient is going bad and needs to be transferred to the ICU. When I do get help I have to be very... Read More

  1. by   rnin02
    On my old unit (tele) on a good night we had a charge nurse (team leader) with no assignment and a monitor tech. at other times the team leader would have a few patients, and usually if it got to the point the TL had a full assignment, we were "encouraged" to call the nursing supervisor for help. i worked with a good team of nurses, though, so if there was a patient going bad everyone available helped to stabilize the patient and get them where they needed to go. also, if the monitor tech is sick (we only have 1 per shift so its pretty easy to get screwed!) most of the time the TL would sit at the monitors.

    If you are interested, our TL responsibilities include staffing for the next shift, assigning beds, helping with admits, IVs, hard patients, being a resource basically. The TL also has a ton of paperwork: chart audits, reviews, checking crash carts, etc, etc.
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    charge nurses: good - bad - indifferent
  3. by   jimthorp
    I work LTC/Rehab. When I am charge nurse I do the Tx, lab work, and basically everything I can to let the other two nurses forcus on getting the med passes done timely. I have also performed the role of CNA when we were short on them.