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I need some help please. I have been a RN on a med-surg floor for about 5 months and have been off orientation for about 2 months. I mainly work weekend nights with a patient load of 8-11 pts with... Read More

  1. by   wishingmary
    May be this aide needs empowering (sp?). When I worked on a restorative care unit in the hospital that I work there were times a nurse would give me a nonpharmaceutical intervention like heat or cold, back rub etc. if it wasn't time yet for her pain meds. In other words, turn the tables when possible. If she truly cares for the patient, she would be thankful for the idea. Tell her to tell the patient it isn't time yet. You don't ever have to explain yourself. You are the nurse. I hope she feels your frustration toward her. Perhaps she will talk to other aides to learn better communication skills. My philosophy as an aide is to judge no one and simply pass on the message or complaint from the patient every time I heard it (with limits). Encourage questions though and look at her as a student hopefully she will learn her place. I loved nurses I could learn from but I would never question a nurse's decision at the time it was made. I might bring up something that was curious after the fact if I couldn't tell by what its' outcome was. Try to play your role that would help her find her role in communicating with you and try to keep it upbeat. That is a win win situation.
  2. by   Liddle Noodnik
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    Excellent feedback, thank you!