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Curious at what the average age is that people are in nursing school? I am doing my pre reqs now and will be 28 when I start! :lol2:... Read More

  1. by   AuntieNursey
    I was 44 when I started LPN school and graduated at 45. After much debating, I am now finishing up my BS in Healthcare Administration at 49. Tough call as to whether or not I'll ever go and get my RN. I love my residents (private LTC), not so much the attitude that Medicare/Medicaid has forced on those who care for those on need, but I hope to try to subvert from the inside when I get a chance after graduation 8-D P.S. I work with two nurses that graduated from nursing school in 1957, the year I was born!!
  2. by   AuntieNursey
    Quote from CareerThree
    January 10, 2007

    I start clinicals today. I'm 63.
    YOU GO GIRL ! Best of luck
  3. by   RN 4 U
    25 pre requisites. 28 nursing school. now 30 just entering the profession.
  4. by   katydid56
    I started pre-req classes at 46, part time evening nursing classes at 47 as I worked full time during the day. It took 3 years to graduated in 5/05. I now work on an oncology floor at a large teaching hospital and LOVE IT. It's never too late for school and learning. I plan to go on for my masters. My advice- don't worry about your age. Make sure you enjoy what you do and get out there and like Nike says- do it.
  5. by   SpaceshuttleRN
    graduated from LPN school at 35 Became RN at 48
  6. by   Nurse Allison
    Just started school last semester. I'm 35. Hoping to get into the nursing program fall 2007. It's difficult juggling two children, home, and class, but I'm loving every minute of it. I'm anxious to get back into the work force after taking a five year hiatis to take care of the kiddos.
  7. by   Renie
    Started pre-reqs at 31, currently in BSN program first semester, will be finished Dec2008 at age 38 with two kids, husband, full time job. It's stressful at times but my dream is well worth it. Never to late, never to old and to take a line from Will Smith if you want something, go after it PERIOD.
  8. by   janetrnc
    I started and ADN program at 17, finished at 19.
  9. by   auroranae
    I was 15 when I started nursing school. I went to a vocational school while in high school. It was a 3 year program where we went to high school half a day then to the vactional school where we took the community college classes. It was a very difficult and demanding course load and we lost nearly half of our 20 class mates during the 3 year program. I graduated at the age of 18 nearly 23 years ago. I have had a wide variety of nursing jobs along the way and thank my instructors for using the RN curriculum and standards for I was more prepared and able to handle more than any employers expected making me a better nurse.
    Unfortunately the Class of 2006 was the last PN class in our state from vocational school. They have closed down the program after over 30 years.
    Have no idea where the new nurses are expected to come from now...
  10. by   rpv_rn
    my birthday is in april. turned 17 yrs old then graduated high school that june.

    went righ into diploma nursing program (3-yr hospital based). i was very innocent and naive. graduated at 20 yrs old & started career as nurse.

    went back after 10 yrs for bachelor's degree. another 17 yrs later, went back for my msn. i am now teaching in an adn program and enjoying this phase of my life very much!
  11. by   tayRN31
    31 when I started 34 when I graduate
  12. by   melissar121
    31 when started pre reqs, 33 in first semester of ADN program, and will be 35 when i graduate. ( i finally decided what i wanted to be when i grow up)
  13. by   nursecammy
    I am 26 and will graduate in 2009 at 29. I was a banker then decided to switch my career to nursing - I started nursing school in fall 2005.