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Curious at what the average age is that people are in nursing school? I am doing my pre reqs now and will be 28 when I start! :lol2:... Read More

  1. by   nurseangel47
    Was approximately 24 yrs old with two lil' ones already! One was an infant, the other one three yrs old! Had my hands more than full at a very early age !!! Don't regret doing it, tho'. Glad I did both at a time when I had the strength and fortitude!
  2. by   JoAnna McNurse

    I entered a 2nd Degree BSN program when I was 56 and finished at age 57. I've been out 6 months now and I'm 58.

    I'm working my butt off and really love nursing but I don't intend to stay in the hospital environment very long. It is just too crazy and I am disgusted with nurses who whine about workring conditions, patient loads, etc...... yet who continue to work like slaves so that hospitals and administrators can "make a profit" for their "non-profit hospitals.
    Nurses could stop this insanity if they just got organized and said NO !!

    There are better places "we" can use our nursing knowledge, skills and life experiences than bedside nursing !!!

    Good luck to you
  3. by   minniemouse
    I graduated at 23 with my practical nursing diploma. I am now 30 and have decided to go back to obtain my BSN.
  4. by   muffie
    20 yrs
  5. by   WC Case manager
    I am 55 years old, and will be graduating in May. Shows you're never too old to go back.
  6. by   triciac
    42 when I began, will graduate at 46.
  7. by   joeyce
    I started at age 18 But got married and stopped for a year then I went back but started a new curriculum so I had to start all over again...Now, I'm graduating this march at age 23.....
  8. by   jasmine4494
    As unbelievable as it may seem, I was 16 when I started the LPN program and graduated at the age of 17. (Had to wait until turning 17, so I could take the GED.) Turned 18 just in time for the state boards. Graduated from the ADN program 7 years later. After more than 25 years of nursing, finishing up a bachelor's degree in biology with a minor in chemistry...........premed major at the ripe old age of 43. (Life is really funny sometimes.)
  9. by   Fort Worth
    Age 48 when I started pre-reqs part time. Age 50 accepted to ADN program. Best decision I ever made. Had great careers in corporate life and self-employment. Now enjoy all the extra time off, patient interaction and the independence of nursing. Accountable to your patients, practice act and yourself. Great gig at any age...
  10. by   NoahNS
    Quote from Fort Worth
    Age 48 when I started pre-reqs part time. Age 50 accepted to ADN program. Best decision I ever made. ... Great gig at any age...
    Thanks for the cheerful word of encouragement... really looking forward to it!!! May I ask... how long you have been a practicing RN now... and in what kind of capacity..(med-surg, pedes, ICU, etc) ???
  11. by   NoahNS
    Quote from Evelyn111
    I'm 53.....just started nursing school Monday. 55 when I graduate! I'm thinking I must be nuts.
    Hehehehe... only in America !!!!
  12. by   Waldos Mom
    I graduated with ADN at age 44, will start a BSN program in a couple of weeks, I'm 45 now.
  13. by   ckalston
    I was 28 when I got my ADN, 35 when I got my BSN and will be 43 when I complete my MSN/MBA