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Earlier today I was in the break room (shared by Pre-Op, OR, and PACU) talking to one of the OR nurses, the surgical tech walks up and starts talking to the OR nurse I was talking to (as if I was not... Read More

  1. by   Mrs. SnowStormRN
    This whole hierarchy thing within the periop dept is crazy!! SMH! really sad.
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  2. by   NothingsImpossible4U
    My little boy had to go under anesthesia at 9 months old for a very lengthy surgery-needless to say, very scary for us!

    The pre-OP nurse was so important that day, as every nurse has been in his treatment, which is why I want to be a nurse so bad!! In their mind, you are the face of that surgery and how things will turn out, to your patients. If you are calm and warm, chatty and considerate, you have just made that persons day and no doubt have put them at ease during a period of time that can be VERY nerve wracking and scary. If you were to take the opposite approach (grumpy, withdrawn, just going through the motions), you would also affect that patient/family in a big, negative way.

    For my third csection, I had a pre-op nurse who was kind of stiff and seemed cold, and that surgery felt so scary and I shook and cried half the time (although it was my third csec and my husband was there! I just couldnt get calm, but I dont blame her for it or anything, just saying they play a part...), I was cool as a cucumber for my 2nd csec-that pre-op nurse was so nice and made me feel at home-I had no worries whatsoever about surgery!

    Although these are my personal experiences, there are many who could say the same. You are so important-don't forget it!!

    p.s. sorry if my ideas are random or confusing-im operating (ha, no pun intended lol) under little sleep and am exhausted right now, my eyes are watering... But I just wanted to you to feel encouraged
  3. by   MsHelloKitty,LVN
    Quote from Mrs. SnowStormRN
    This whole hierarchy thing within the periop dept is crazy!! SMH! really sad.

    Sounds like it........
  4. by   Mrs. SnowStormRN
    The department is made up of 3 units, but like someone said - we are all there for the patient, we literally have someones life in our hands. These people solely rely on us. The patients are in their most vunerable state. PreOp, IntraOp, and PostOp. No room for error in any of these units. We need to trust eachother and support eachother in the periop dept, not beat eachother down. Thanks for all the supporting words. Hopefully tomorrow will be a better day.
  5. by   applewhitern
    Every job is important, from housekeeping to the doctors. Too bad that tech doesn't know the meaning of team work. It takes everybody working together to make a great hospital. I agree this tech has some self-esteem issues; don't make it your problem.
  6. by   gninab
    I've recently had surgery myself, and I can tell you I thought my pre-op nurse was great! As other posters have pointed out, it takes a special person with empathy and strong interpersonal skills to make a good pre-op nurse. You answer patient's last minute questions, you soothe fears, and you have a great opportunity for patient teaching related to the procedure as well as what to expect during recovery.
    My pre-op nurse was awesome!