Well-being Nx care plan- How to do that?

  1. Certain care plans such as readiness for knowledge or nutrition or spirit or parenting are new to me.
    What should be the appropriate goals for such care plan?
    Or any tip to develope such care plans?
    Any input is appreciated.
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  3. by   Daytonite
    as with any care plan you must follow the nursing process in the development of it because a care plan is the documentation of the nursing process which is the problem solving process.. ultimately, you have (1) assessed the patient and (2) determined that the patient needs something more (your wellness diagnosis) before you (3) start planning the care (outcomes and nursing interventions). the wellness diagnoses usually imply that there is more teaching that the patient is "ready" for.

    the prudent thing to do is to be using a nursing diagnosis reference to help you out with determining the defining characteristics (symptoms) and related factors (etiology, cause) of the nursing diagnosis (problem). that is why you should have a nursing diagnosis book that contains all the nursing diagnoses so you can look at this information to help guide you in how to write the nursing diagnosis, formulate the goal statements and develop the nursing interventions for this kind of care plan--particularly if this is for a student assignment.

    the reference that i use all the time that has all the current 188 nursing diagnoses is nanda-i nursing diagnoses: definitions & classification 2007-2008 published by nanda international. however, there are others that are commercially published on the market that contain outcomes and nursing interventions such as nursing diagnosis handbook: a guide to planning care, 7th edition, by betty j. ackley and gail b. ladwig that would be a big help to you.

    there is also information on writing care plans and nursing diagnoses on the nursing student forums on these sticky threads: