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i have no idea where the er is getting these people from but i wish theyd send them back...lol they are sick..yes...but for goodness sakes! i cant raise the head of my bed (i can however use... Read More

  1. by   SICU Queen
    Moons ago when I worked Telemetry, we had a patient named Frank who would come in with CP. He was over 500 lbs. and had Pickwickian Syndrome also.

    He would walk around our unit in a pair of cut-off sweat shorts and nothing else, with his remote tele swinging from his chest like an elephant trunk.

    We had a glassed in nurses' station, and he would lean against the glass and watch us, and fall asleep standing up, and would drool down the glass. It scared the sh*t out of me first time I saw him do that.

    He had an extremely pendulous abdomen and had cellulitis on the underside, and we'd have to run Bactroban on the open areas TID. Talk about revolting, especially since he would get in his bed, lay on his back and pull his pants off for this to be done. Let it suffice to say I was NOT impressed.

    His wife was a hoot. She would complain to the manager that we didn't give good PM care because we wouldn't massage him (don't ask where he wanted to be massaged). She also complained about his body odor and would insist that we give him a bed bath with "thorough peri care". One night I was really busy and she was insisting that he be bathed, so I got all of the supplies together and told her to do it. She was not happy

    I could go on and on about this guy. He was just so disgusting and made no effort to do anything for himself, and his wife was just about unbearable with her demands. This "couple" was a motivating factor in my transfer to ICU.

    Sometimes I feel like I should be wearing a Hooters t-shirt...
  2. by   l-andre
    Don't you just feel like telling some patients (and their love ones...) that the "H" stands for HOSPITAL not HOTEL or HONOLULU or HARASS-ME or HAREM or HOOKER or HOUSEKEEPING...

    And thank God for Diprivan!!!
  3. by   wolfox
    OMG, the patients on postpartum aren't nearly as demanding as the FOBs. I had three stay-overs last night. One mother had a crotch like raw hamburger and needed assist getting OOB and getting the baby so she could nurse. FOB moaned and sighed everytime I went into the room and disturbed his sleep by helping her. #2 had an emergency D & C to remove placenta. She's due down from surgery any minute. FOB crawls into the bed that is set up to receive her. #3 is a real gem. Two weeks ago he punched her in the face-she wound up in ER getting sutured. Last night, he refused the cot. Then crawled up into the other patient bed in the room-right under the sign that told him not to do so and ate fried chicken in it. Argued with three of us all night about his RIGHT to do so-because he's "tired". Had a temper tantrum in which he threw a cushion from the cot. Didn't lift a finger to assist the mother, who was breastfeeding continuously. Then when the baby was keeping him awake, decided that the baby needed to go to the nursery.

    I had the FEMALE security guard escort him from the building.

    When I'm queen of the hospital-only FOBs who have completed an infant care course and signed an agreement, or who have just had an 8 pound infant come out of their own tales and plan to breastfeed will be allowed to sleep overnight.
  4. by   thisnurse
    and we have yet another patient whos wife is a nurse. he is a renal patient and guess what? she is a renal nurse!

    after three weeks of hospitalization it might occur to her that hubby dear should be able to move himself in bed. it should also occur to her that there is NO REASON for hubby to be incontinent of stool or to vomit ON THE BED.

    im dying to but wont...ask her what she would do with a renal pt who refused to even move himself down in the bed or roll on his side.

    he is only in for dialysis for gods sake. he had another illness but that has been resolved for weeks now.

    hubbys skin is breaking down cos he refuses to move. when we reposition him, he gets mad.

    if that were my husband i would make him get the hell out of that bed. its obvious that he wants to die because he is now a dialysis pt. MIGHT WANT TO CONSIDER THAT FACTOR IN HIS CARE.....NAH

    she just keeps *****ing at us and constantly calling the supervisor because we are trying to make him do for himself.
    she doesnt like the care he is getting. MOVE HIM THEN!!
    or how bout she comes in and cares for him.
    she comes maybe once a week to inspect us. thats cool...i dont mind but as a nurse she should be able to see whats up and she should be able to see her husband with our eyes. i know its hard and i have been there before with my mom.

    this nurse, with all her education and experience is buying her husband a one way ticket to a nursing home.
    in the meantime we are living in hell, being called in there every 10 mns for ...hand me that pan.....give me a kleenex....change my bed....fluff my pillow.....turn me on my side.....put me on my back....raise the head of my bed.....change the channel on the tv...hang up my phone....ALL THINGS HE CAN DO....ALL BY HIMSELF.
    then when we tell him thats not acceptable...he needs to TRY to do those things for himself, our supervisor is in his room.
    last night we had to switch assistants cos the one assigned to him told him there was no reason for him to spit on the bed.
    his family didnt like that.
    gee we had the supervisor down there and the charge nurse and the doc over that one....lol
  5. by   wolfox
    Oh, and I love the families who think that if you are at the nurse's station it is because you don't have anything to do. You are just sitting there awaiting your next "fetch and step" assignment from the hotel patrons.

    Like last night when I was awaiting a call from the MD (I have no unit clerk) and a family of 3 comes out of a patient room to tell me that their family member needs the phone moved to where she can reach it. Then proceed to all stand and stare at me expecting me to jump right on it.

    Or when last week, I'm looking up latest platelet count on HELLP pt and latest WBC on an immunosuppressed pt (last WBC was 1.?) and the patient is NOT in on isolation. And a family member of an ambulatory PP pt comes up to the nursing station and RAPS ON THE DESK to get my attention, so she can tell me that her family member wants a snack.

    Or the time that I am on the phone on two lines with the family and physician of a patient who is actively dying. I'm making one of those, "you need to come as soon as possible" phone calls to the family. And the family member of another pt is trying to interrupt by out-talking me to inform me that mom has been out of bed long enough and needs to be returned to bed.
  6. by   ERNurse752
    Had a pt last night who came in for a migraine. There was a new neuro doc on her case, who had amitted her for 23 h obs, and who wrote an order for a protocol which doesn't exist...spent about an hour trying to get ahold of the on-call doc to get pain med orders I could actually use. I went into her room, and she was gone. Positive gown sign. Usually, I would strip the bed and do the elopement paperwork, but I thought I'd just wait for awhile. Eventually, she came back...went to get the IV stuff and her pain meds...came back and she was gone again.
    Sigh...lucky for her it was so busy, b/c this time I just didn't have the time to do the elopement stuff. Over an hour later, the triage nurse came in and said she was back in the waiting room, in tears, wanting to know if she could come back. By this time her bed was ready upstairs. Let her back into her room, did her IV/meds, and told her she was darn lucky I was so busy or she would've had to do everything all over again. Went to send report up to the floor, came back, and her mom was gone...she wanted to wait for mom, so I went and did something else for a few. Came back and mom still wasn't back, so I just said sorry, I can't wait.

    Had a 17 y/o who was 4 weeks pregnant in with cramping/spotting. She was waiting for an u/s to r/o ectopic. Her parents and bf were with her. They kept asking if she could have something to eat...kept telling them that we had to wait for u/s to be done and have results b/c if it's ectopic she will have to go to surgery tonight. Eventually came back, no ectopic...but they had decided to admit her to L/D since they thought she was going to sp. abort soon, and the OB wanted her NPO.
    That went over well...the bf was lying in the cart with her the whole time, while the parents were there. If I was 17 y/o and pregnant, my bf would not be allowed anywhere near me, much less allowed to lay in bed with me...

    Had *another* one...elderly lady who had fallen at home multiple times, was going to be admitted. Was in the ER for a long time waiting on a bed. The son was a hospital volunteer, and said that he had talked to admissions personally, and they were getting her a *private* room, what's taking so long, this is unacceptable. Pt was on the BSC at this time, and he said he refused to put her back on the cart. Either get us a hospital bed or get her a room. So I called adm, and we're waiting on the room to be clean. Let him know, told him it was totally out of my hands, and we just had to wait until the floor was ready. Saw the adm guy down there later...bet he got an earful too! Always want to say (and sometimes do!) when the hospital is this busy and this full, you're lucky if you get a bed at all, much less a private one!
    Sigh...I love my job! ;P
  7. by   ERNurse752
    Oh, not to mention the pt who came in for abd pain...they did her labs, CT, etc...she got tired of waiting, so she signed out AMA...wouldn't stay until the tests came back...so when they came back, they showed a bleeding spleen. Uh-oh...luckily, she had come back b/c her pain was worse (ya think?) So they told her what was going on, and that she would need surgery.
    She told the PA that we had one try to get her IV, or she would leave again. Grrr..."do you realize that people DIE from this???"
    so we got our best sticker to do it...never did hear what happened though!
  8. by   thisnurse
    those ppl kill me...
    they act like they are giving YOU blood for YOUR own personal use or something..lol

    well im not going to LET you put an IV in.
    oh please...i love starting iv's...cmon be a sport..

    or how bout the ones that scream when you are drawing blood. lmao. i had one going on and on and on and on....she had her eyes closed.

    hey you can stop screaming now...im on the other side of the room...lmao
    ill never forget that one.
  9. by   micro
    and I revisit this thread......

    sorta like the Hotel California.......for those of us working there.....

    like critically ill patients, much involved in patient care.........

    and family very upset that they didn't get their cup of coffee in their idea of time.........(their cup of coffee-----not the patient's)

    send in the clowns.........maybe they're here......
  10. by   sandstormsdust
    I have to ask you nurses... how do u know if someone is making there pain up or not??????? I know when I finely get to the ER/ED.... I have to be half dead with pain... barely able to speak, with tears poring down my face.... So how would you know a pt is pulling one on u or are totally serious... and in pain...
  11. by   RNforLongTime
    You don't know. We are supposed to take the pt's report of pain at face value. Unless of course, this pt is well known to the ED.

    Family members can be such pains in the a$$! I have had to tell people before that while I would love to tell them whatever they want to know, I have 7 other pt's to take care of and I really do not have the time. Please call the doctor's office in the am.

    Or how about,"what do you mean you can't tell me how Mrs. Smith is doing? I sit next to her at church every Sunday! She won't care if I know what's wrong, come on now, I can keep a secret." Well, unless you are her POA, I cannot tell you anything. There are confidentiality issues. Then they get rude and hang up the phone on me, I LOVE that!!!
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  12. by   jurbyjunk
    What I loved was the patient who came in for a booked surgery and "was hungry", so stopped at Kentrucky Fried Chicken on the way to hospital. Didn't bother to tell the day care surgery staff, and when got to OR and "confessed", cried when told op was cancelled and said "wasn't fair to have to starve just to have surgery".

    Or one evening when I was pulled from my area to cover for someone's coffee break (she was the ONLY nurse on shift, with a ward clerk) on a day care surgical unit. While the RN was gone, a 17 yr old male who'd had urology surgery earlier in the day couldn't pee. And was he ever in agony. So, I phone the urologist to advise and get a catherization order.

    While on the phone, this "gentleman" comes to the desk. His wife is "ready to go home" and "I'm not interested in paying more parking fees". Said (and I was polite) " 'scuse me, I'm on the phone with a surgeon at the moment. The other nurse is on her break at the moment, and I am the only nurse here".

    This man leans over the desk top and says "listen *****. get off the phone and get your fat ass over here and discharge my wife". I don't think that he quite believed that the sign in the entrance doors "Abuse in any form against staff will not be tolerated" meant what it said. I phoned security, who arrived with an RCMP officer to explain to this man just what it legally meant.
  13. by   dianthe1013
    I haven't started my clinicals yet, but... A few months ago, my father went in the hospital for exploratory surgery. He'd been diagnosed with Stage III, nonsmall cell lung cancer, and the surgeon was going to take a look, possibly resect while he was in there.

    Well, this hospital is the type with a volunteer stationed in the same-day surgery waiting room, to handle all the waiting family CRAP so no one else has to. I have no idea how they expect someone who isn't being PAID to react to these impossible demands, but at least the volunteers don't have any patients...

    Anyway, we were pretty much there for a good portion of the day, and the room was quite crowded. At one point, a man with a braaaaaatty little kid was in the room. The kid ran around and around, and the guy made NO attempt whatsoever to get the little bugger to calm down. People were worried and on edge already, and this wee monster didn't help. So, the volunteer (a sweeeeet little old lady) goes to lunch at around noon, and the kid proceeds to tear around her desk like it's his and he's in charge of demolishing it.

    Five minutes later, the kid trips over a telephone cord, falls on his face, and starts screaming. The man picks up the phone receiver, listens, then BANGS it against the desk. Then he stepped into the hall, pulled a passing RN off the floor, and said, "This courtesy phone isn't working, and I need to make a call. Fix it."

    The nurse, of course, just STARED at him for a moment...you know, to let him know how rude and insane he was. While she was staring, I walked over, plugged the phone back in, and said, "There you go. Your kid unplugged it while you weren't watching him."

    Another lady in the waiting room bought me and my mom lunch that day, and the RN and her coworkers sent my dad flowers once he was out of surgery. I just told her I was glad to have the chance to do that, because once I get out of school, I'll be stuck staring at the a$$holes in complete shock and (mostly) unable to tell them off...