weight gain/loss durring pregnancy

  1. hello im writing a paper on the effects of weight on pregnancy outcomes and i am kind of in a rut. The only thing i really know is that with weight gain it raises bolld pressure. I also read that with gaining the likelyhood of your child becoming overweight is higher. Im not to sure how true that is but its what i read with a google search. I was wondering if anyone could helo me in any of these areas.

    Thanks all
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  3. by   Boston-RN
    I'm no expert but the amount of weight a person "should" gain depends on their pre-pregnancy weight. Women already overweight are advised to only gain 15-25bs, average/normal weight approx 25-35lbs and underweight from 28-40lbs....it all depends. (per March of Dimes - although that sounds higher than I have heard in the past)

    This information is from the March of Dimes website.
  4. by   regularRN
    I think if you gain too much weight during pregnancy you could develop gestational diabetes.
  5. by   strn96
    You might try doing a web search on this. MSN.com has had some articles on this recently. There is some new research that suggests women should aim for the lower end of the previous weight gain suggestions.