Weekend Baylor shift??

  1. How does it work and do all states and hospitals do it??

    I plan to start working in the Las Vegas area soon, but don't know if any hospitals in LV have that shift available...Any input??

    Is there anyone out there doing it? Is it good??

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  3. by   fedupnurse
    It all depends on what the deal is. We had it when I first started working at my hospital which was 1988. They got no benefits, no vacation or sick time. They were permitted one weekend off a quarter without pay. They got bonus pay for any extra shifts worked. Then we had a strike and they abolished what was 24 for 40. They are talking about bringing it back in my unit due to gross understaffing and very high turnover. Supposedly it will be one weekend off a year and I am unsure about benefits.
    I worke every weekend while going for my BSN. It can get old. If you have kids involved in sports and stuff like that you will miss out on a lot of their activities. If you have a spouse who works M-F you won't see much of that person either.
    Find out the small print. How much notice do they have to give if they are going to do away with those positions. If they are going to do away with them, will them place you into a full time or part time position. Are benefits included, sick time, paid weekends off etc.
    If my unit brings it back I doubt I will go for it. The money is tempting but being on every weekend can get really old really fast.
    Good luck.
  4. by   SandyLV
    Thanks so much for your imput...

    What is the best shift you have worked so far?

    I have kids and want to work a decent shift so I can spend time with them and being so new I am totally CLUELESS, to say the least.

    Thanks again for your imput...
  5. by   fedupnurse
    I have worked nights for 8 of my 10 years as a nurse. I did days a few years ago and ended up back on nights. The major differences I found between the 2 shifts are:
    Days: Far more people to deal with leading to less time with patients. Your days off are your days off-you don't have to sleep thru part of the shift. You are there for committee meetings and staff meetings and such-most of these things aren't usually offered on nights, in my experience.
    Nights: Whole different world usually. Less people, more time with the patients. People tend to be more laid back probably because it is a little less stressful due to the lack of people around. I doubt I will go back to days unless I need to because of life circumstances. The biggest drawback of nights is sleep deprivation. If you can get by with less sleep, you'll do fine on nights.
    Good luck. PM me anytime!