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Hello.... For those of you that wear wedding bands, especially if there are diamonds, do you have any problems with the hand sanitizer weakening the setting and losing stones and/or ruining the... Read More

  1. by   Indy
    I have a white gold ring with a star sapphire that I bought in 1986; two years ago when I got married, it was the same color as my new white gold wedding band; scratched in places but just as shiny. I'm just hoping my wedding band holds up as well. They're both 18 karat.

    Speaking of sanitizer, are you all talking about the purell goop? That stuff is nasty, IMHO. In my micro class we had a free culture (go culture something and see what grows...) and one student did the top inside of her Purell bottle. You should have seen the fungus that grew off that thing! Now the alcohol mousse crap does leave any jewelry feeling sticky, so I wear a fake ring to work nowadays. Maybe one day of the month I forget and wear my real one but it's much less sticky doing that... and I'm much less likely to lose it by taking it off and sticking it in my pocket.