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At our hospital we send out a survey after discharge to each patient. On the previous results to that survey, it was revealed that two areas were scored horribly among the nursing dept: 1.... Read More

  1. by   banditrn
    Quote from evans_c1
    "On our hourly rounding, we ask them the three P's - pain, potty, and position."

    the three P's...that is awesome! Would it be okay if I suggested that to my management? I don't want to use it if you have a copyright or something, haha! That is so clever!
    So you have found hourly rounding to be a great success on your unit?
    Hourly rounds - does sound like a great idea! Don't think it would work in all situations, tho. It seems like oftentimes the greater amount of time is taken by a few, meaning the rest don't get their time.