Washington State Rally

  1. This is great! 3 different nursing unions are joining hands for a rally.

    SEATTLE, May 3 /PRNewswire/ -- Registered nurses of the state's three largest
    nursing and health care unions: Washington State Nurses Association (WSNA),
    Service Employees International Union (SEIU) 1199 NW, and United Food and
    Commercial Workers (UFCW) Local 141 are joining forces to kick off National
    Nurses Week (May 6 - 12) and demand quality care, safe hours and safe
    staffing. Hundreds of nurses are expected to attend the rally on May 6th
    from 1 - 2 p.m. at Westlake Plaza in downtown Seattle. Representative Jim
    McDermott of Seattle will deliver the keynote address.

    Registered nurses make up the majority of health care professionals in the
    U.S. with over 2.2 million nationwide and over 50,000 here in Washington
    state. We are currently in the midst of a nursing shortage, with the average
    age of nurses at 45 years old and less than 10% of the workforce under the
    age of 30.

    Janice E. Bussert, BSN, RN, President of WSNA, stresses that, "We demand
    better working conditions in order to attract and retain experienced nurses.
    With forced overtime, nurses are working more than 16 hours -- that is not
    safe patient care nor is it safe for nurses!" Marilyn Savage, RN, President
    of UFCW Local 141 calls attention to the growing hazards of the nursing
    profession, "Registered nurses are at great risk for a variety of workplace
    injuries ranging from back pain, needlestick injuries, latex allergy and
    workplace violence." Diane Sosne, RN, President of SEIU 1199NW warns that,
    "In order to protect our nurses and secure quality care, we must have safe
    staffing at all the health care facilities. Patient care is compromised when
    there is inadequate staffing of registered nurses."

    This rally is an opportunity to recognize the important contribution of the
    nurses in our community and also to highlight the concerns surrounding
    quality patient care that has been jeopardized in recent years through forced
    overtime and short staffing. Registered nurses will be speaking about their
    experiences on these critical issues. Nurse legislators in the Washington
    State Legislature will be recognized for their contribution and efforts
    toward quality health care. The Seattle Labor Chorus will be providing the


    SOURCE Washington State Nurses Association
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  3. by   Stargazer
    Congrats and thanks to all nurses who showed up for this rally, despite an insanely busy weekend in Seattle including: opening day of boating season, Mariners' games, major construction on several main freeways/ highways, and a planned global trade demonstration, all of which made traffic impossible.

    The rally merited mention and footage on each of the major 3 networks' 11 PM newcasts. Good work!