Want to really support SIL at Graduation

  1. We have a big family and all are going to the pinning ceremony. Any good sign ideas or shirt ideas. Just thinking of a way to let her know we love her and all are very proud of her for graduating. OR if you think this would not be appropriate.
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  3. by   SICU Queen
    Well, pinning ceremonies are usually a "formal" (NOT in dress) type thing. It's joyous, but also taken very seriously (at least it was at my school). I don't know about holding up signs... , but maybe everyone wearing coordinating shirts with her name and congratulations on it would be nice... or how about one of those nice big pins that you could put her name and picture on...??

    Good luck deciding and let me know what you do... I'm curious now, as my husband graduates in December and I want our large family to do something for him too...

  4. by   Huganurse
    My family was reserved at the pinning thank goodness because it was held in a church and was a formal type event. Many traditions were upheld. I think I would have been mortified if my family made a big ruckus during the programs.
    They saved the antics for the graduation at the arena downtown, which was totally approptiate.
  5. by   fedupnurse
    Pinnings are on the formal/serious side. How about if all of you get dressed up and all of you and the pinning recipient all have a little boutineer/corsage that is the same. Unless things have changed since my pinning 10 years ago...
  6. by   capgirl
    hmmm, my pinning was nursing students only - no family, friends anybody but the graduating nurses.
    I too would suggest low key, as this (at least for us) was a very solemn (sp?) occasion, which even now gives me a chill up my spine. We really felt like we had accomplished greatness!
  7. by   jennatj
    Thanks for the heads up. We certainly would not want to embarrass her. I do think the Pin idea is excellent. We have her graduation picture with her in the nurses attire.. I was thinking of making button pins out of that and having everyone wear it.
  8. by   MPHkatie
    I was an A and P assistant for many years and was invited as "faculty" to plenty of pinnings. Here are a few things the students really appreciated - I mean, I saw them cry with emotion. 1. a classy pin or necklace which says RN on it, or has some other nice medical symbol (not the pins that say "nurses call the shots!" (you get the picture), beautiful bouquets of flowers, there is also an excellent, but somewhat expensive book out- a history of nursing, with gorgeous photos. My personal favorite was given to me by my family when i actually graduated. It was a frame with multiple holes for photos with photos of all the nurses in my family- my Great grandma, my grandma, my aunt, my great aunt, and me. It was so neat to see the photos- they all had their uniforms on- very different in 1908 than mine.