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  1. I am planning to attend Deaconess School of nursing, just sent my paper work in and hoping to get in Jan 2005, I am also a CMA not a LPN and was wondering if there are any others out there that are from Washington state that are attending deaconess school of nursng now ( that are not a LPN already)? Would like to know if you have checked into the whether or not WA state will accepts Deaconess School of nursing or not. And if you know whether or not you can take your NCLEX here in WA state or do you have to take it at Deaconess.I have been really excited about this school, like the way you are able to do your clinicals at a site of your choice. But I must say I am very concerned that after all that I have been through I won't be able to work in WA state because if the requlations of WA state.I had thought of doing the excelsior program, but WA won't acknowledge this program onless you were a LPN when you started this program( believe this is correct). My last question is does anyone have any advice or at least can you tell me how to get around the laws of Washington state if you have graduated from a school like Deaconess or Excelsior. Would appreaciate any input or information that anyone can give me.
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    Unfortunately there is really no way of getting around the boards laws for the Nclex. I am in Ca and really wanted and started to do Excelsior but after much thought I decided to just go the traditional route because I never want to be limited as to where I can work and I didn't want to be forced to move once I finished since Ca does not accept Excelsior college grads any longer. You need to call the Washington boards of nurses and ask them straight up if they accept Deaconess. Deaconess also should tell you whether or not your state does but I would call your state boards just to get the correct info to be on the safe side. Also you need to check into which hospitals will allow you to do your clinical time. I would have all this in writing from Deaconess before I started. Good Luck!