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:confused: I am a high school student and want to become a nurse. I have been told that vol. work looks great on your record, but I don't know what I should get involved in. I am in Student... Read More

  1. by   NICU_Nurse
    There are so many thousands of organizations that could use your help! The hard thing is picking just one. I go to www.volunteermatch.com and put in my city and requirements (like, a one-time volunteering position, or a long-term volunteering position) and it comes up with at LEAST sixty choices EVERY TIME I go there. You should try it and look for stuff in your area. If you are interested in seeing the inside of the hospital, fantastic- perhaps candy striping is for you. However, honestly, I would probably suggest that you do something else. If you have parents who work in a hospital, you've gotten at least a little exposure to what goes on inside one (good and bad, I'm sure...my mother was a nurse and I heard it all!). Perhaps, then, you should volunteer your time doing something else, something totally new to you. Either way, it all looks good on your resume, and any kind of human service, hospital-related or otherwise, will be of great benefit to you professionally and personally. I agree about the handicapped summer camps- when I was in high school, I did this the summer before my senior year. Go to your guidance counselor's office and see what they know- they usually get brochures and have lots of resources to help you get into something like that. It was amazingly fun, and just spending time with some of those kids at the Lions camp made my heart swell. I hated to leave!!! You can always volunteer at a children's ward or a children's hospital to play with the pediatric patients, read them stories at a given storytime, or do puppet shows or things like that. My hospital gets volunteers to come to the PediE.R. and read books to all the kids waiting in the waiting room. You could do crafts with them and decorate the halls of the pediatric ward!!! You could also volunteer in the nursery, if the hospitals in your area alllow that. Someone on here was telling me that their nursery allows volunteers to come in and play with and stimulate the babies in the neonatal nursery. What a job! If I"d known about that, I'd have been doing that for years! (I'm a neonatal nurse.) Millions of ideas. Millions. All you have to do is figure out what your heart is telling you. And we can help you with the details. ;>) Good luck! I look forward to having you as part of our nursing family one day!!!!!!!!!!!!
  2. by   NICU_Nurse
    Oh! I forgot! We spent a semester in nursing school at a nursing home, and this was WONDERFUL. so many elderly people are stuck inside, with no one to talk to and just feel unloved and alone. Your company is the only requirement! We used to help them read the paper, read books to them, brush and style their hair, paint their fingernails, primp them, listen to their stories. Oh, the stories!! We would bring them on the patio and just spend time sitting in the sun, feeding the birds. I had a fantastic time, and if I ever leave neonatal nursing, I'm going into Geriatrics. It was extremely fulfilling. I miss them all the time. :>)
  3. by   Cowgirl
    lol, that sounds really fun! I love really elderly people. Some of them are so sweet and some even act like kids! It Sounds like it would be good to do even as an after school thing!
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    I want to thank you, I looked up the web sight you gave me and I found things that I never even knew my city had! lol! We even have a section of our city council that has meetings for vol. work! lol, never knew that! Thank you agian!