Visitors putting your patient at risk? - page 2

Have any of you had patients visitors sneak them things that are harmful to their health when they know specifically the patient is not supposed to have it? For instance- sneaking an influzema(sp)... Read More

  1. by   shootemrn
    Do you think after the fourth or fifth code the pt or the family would have figured out that bringing grandma popeye's fried chicken is ******* bad!
  2. by   AIS52
    How about a big shaggy dog in to see a patient with an open sternal wound inftected with mrsa?
    Question 1- Who just brings a dog into the hospital without checking first??? I fully believe in animal therapy where appropriate- and this was definately NOT an appropriate case!
    Question 2- How did this dog get past security??? Actually, I already know the answer so nevermind.
  3. by   kids
    Lovely...I just read a posting from ProMED in the last couple of months documenting the spread of MRSA by pets.