View disciplinary actions?

  1. I was wondering if there is a site to view healthcare professionals disciplinary actions? I know when I lived in PA, I recieved a newsletter every 6 months that listed various nursing information and EVERYONE who had ANY type of disciplinary actions against them. It was very detailed- told the nurses full name, address and action taken against them. I was just wondering if there is a site that gives this information, since I live here in Florida I don' recieve any newsletter.
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  3. by   mamason
    I know in Illinois the Professional Board of Regulation posts them on their web site. Maybe you could try your state's BON web site?
  4. by   geniann
    Thanks mamason- I did try that site but that info is not on there. I hope someone else replies- I am trying to find it but can't. I also wonder if I need to subscribe for a nursing mag- I recieved it automatically back in PA but not here in FL. Wonder why?
  5. by   DawnFL
    Here's Florida's site. You just enter the name and choose a license and it will tell you how long the person has been licensed and if their status is clear.

    And here's the Nursing Spectrum (magazine) site...just a student now but my husband has been a nurse for 14 years and have read the magazine as long as he has been getting it. I really like it.

    Hope this helps,
  6. by   NRSKarenRN
    Many BON not sending newsletters due to cost using website as repositore of info. FLA has board meeting minutes on line; includes disciplinary actions, not as detailed as PA.