Verbal Orders, Do you take them? - page 3

In my Hospital, a 300 bed teaching facility that has a level one trauma center and 24 hour coverage by all specialties, our surgical ICU is not allowed to take verbal orders. This practice stems... Read More

  1. by   deespoohbear
    At our facility we have a stamp we are suppose to use that has a line for the doc's signature, date and time. I absolutely refuse to use it.!! These doctors have over 12 YEARS of post high school education. They are making decisions that deal with life and death everyday! For crying out loud, they should at least know where to sign their name!!! The docs know they are suppose to sign off their orders in a certain time frame. No one is stamping little lines for the nursing staff so they know where to sign. I am sick and tired of catering to the physicians. I am not a babysitter for physicians!!
  2. by   canoehead
    I'm glad there is another rebel out there who resents reminding other professionals what they have to do. They have two hands and a brain- they can take care of their own paperwork.

    We already transcribe, phone, enter, carry out, recheck, call back, and second guess- sometimes translate and mind read. I also detest when certain docs want their charts laid out their way- stickers here, labs here, do this even though I didn't order it, don't do that though....OMG get over yourselves .
  3. by   deespoohbear
    Oh, good!! I am not the only one with an attitude!! I just so sick and tired of babysitting the docs, the lab, the pharmacy. If I wanted to be a babysitter, I would have opened a day care!! The administration just bows down to the docs and gives them whatever they want and damn the consequences. We have one doc who is notorious for keeping his patients WAY longer than necessary and ordering all kinds of stupid tests for them!! Our ultilization review nurse has actually been told by the administrator not to pester this doc about his LOS for his patients. We wouldn't want to offend him, now would we? And the hospital is wondering why they are not earning money? It is because we have to eat the costs of all the procedures and tests not covered by insurance and Medicare. Duh! Sometimes I think a third grader would have more common sense!!
  4. by   mtgirl63
    Yes, I take verbal orders all the time, most of the time over the phone. I work in a LTC facility so the doctors are only in house once a month for rounds. The rest of the communication takes place over the phone and usually via their nurse at their office. I always repeat the order back to make sure it is correct, and then document that it was a T.O. and put both the nurses name and the doctor's name. At our facility, this has never back fired and never been a problem. I think I would be looking at the resident's that are trying to "take back" their orders when confronted --- they shouldn't be getting away with that and allowing the nurse to take the blame and look like the fool. If I were a nurse there --- I'd be hollering about the resident's not standing by their orders alot louder than hollering about not being able to take the verbal orders anymore. If I were continually being burned like that, I think I'd be refusing to take the verbal order anyway!!