Vent: feeling pretty low

  1. The night B4 last I had 3 peds patients. 2 were in with respiratory probs and RSV. The other was in with GE and also happened to be the child of a well known jerk from ICU, not to mention the kid's grandma is the day shift super. So I was already dreading this night. 1st mistake: Went into the GE room thinking it was an RSVer, asked about Nebs and Dad replies"he doesn't have RSV". Now that I'm 2 feet tall, I finish my assessment. Since Dad is a RN, he is taking it apon himself to do temps. 2nd Mistake: Dad told me the temp was 100.2, but told the doc that it was 102. whether I didn't hear or he said it wrong doesn't matter because I'm the newbie. 3rd mistake: Mom of one of the resp kids was asking me about RSV and I told her the test would be in the morning. She told me her baby already had the test,and so I apologized. Well now this morning I get to hear how all 3 of my patients complained about how I seemed to be confusing them, the one resp kid's mom was sleepin the whole night. How could she say I screwd up when she was sleeping!!!! The ICU jerk proceded to tell the doctor, whom now wants me written up, and his mommy whom was pulling another nurse aside to talk about it. The thing is I wasn't the only one to get the 2 RSVers mixed up-2 other nurses did the same thing. One nurse was looking in the wrong chart while talking to the mom about her baby, and the other one asked her if her 2 month old had been sick alot this winter. So you see we are all a bunch of idiots at my hospital, it's just I'm the easiest to single out. I'm sorry this is so long, but now I feel pretty sh*tty knowing everyone in the hospital knows I'm an airhead. The funny thing is, is that I knew that Jerk would have to tell everyone about my mistake. Just wonder if this happens to other not so dumb nurses
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  3. by   Browneyedgirl

    sounds like you made communication errors but no real medical errors.. your RN family member must have no self-esteem since he tried to drag you down like that.
  4. by   cannoli
    I think it's asinine to write something like that up. In this overwhelming environment of nursing today what do they expect? No one is perfect, remember that, I'm sure those family members aren't and the doc probably isn't either.

    I do feel for you. Hang in there, hopefully there will be better days to come.
  5. by   jnette
    awwwwwwww, Darchild (((HUGS))).

    It really does suk when you feel like there is nothing you did right on a paticular day.. and to top it off, everybody NOTICES !

    Please don't dwell on it, for it won't change a thing. Don't be down on yourself, either... I'm sure the Jerk and his Momma both have had less than perfect days occasionally.

    I hardly think any of the above is worth a write up... sounds like some people there are on a power trip.

    Chin up ! We all have good days and bad days... jerks included !
  6. by   Darchild77
    thank you all so much for your support, I do feel better. And I have the night off! :hatparty: Thanks again,
  7. by   traumaRUs
    Get some well deserved rest - kick back!
  8. by   Darchild77
    Ahhh, A glass of wine and a dose of valium should do it Just kidding
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  9. by   PedsNurse1981
    I know how you feel. One thing I've found though, usually when I have a sucky night like that, the next time I work is usually awesome. Someone told me the other day, try to remember things won't always be this way! They get better. I personally am still looking for the better side of things.