1. Have a quick question. About 2 weeks ago I had intense, severe abdominal pain--developed over several hours. It got so bad I had to go to the E.R. Felt like a bowel spasm type pain. I couldent stand up straight, diaphoretic and then began vomiting. No fever. This pain was horrible. They gave Toradol and Levsin which did NOTHING. Then gave Nubain which was INSTANT relief. The doc had a hard time diagnosing me and actually said, "Well, this is very perplexing, I'm not really sure what it is due to." The final conclusion was either 1. Kidney stones--they saw phleboliths on x-ray but no IVP or CT. 2. I had a bad UTI-turned out to be klebsiella (sp) but NO symptoms-none at all. 3. Possible bowel kink or spasm. 4. Irritation from my bad UTI causing bowel irritation/spasm. Left E.R., started on Cipro and Levsin. Actually, didn't even need to take Levsin because pain never returned. I just am curious about the Klebsiella--I know it is not as common as E-Coli but is the general process of infection the same? I just think it is weird to have such intense pain--for me it was a #32 on a scale of 0-10 and I have a high pain tolerance-and then with one dose of Nubain--it's gone. Any ideas??? I thought a kidney stone would cause more back pain but this was low,low abdominal pain and a cramping, dull, gripping pain. Any insight? I will be going back for my reculture of urine soon and I will ask these questions, just wondering!!!
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  3. by   Jay-Jay
    Hmmm...I've had something similar in the past. It was due to an ovarian cyst which spontaneously ruptured. Except in MY case, I developed a really bad case of chills afterwards, followed by a high fever.
  4. by   P_RN
    I'm like Jay jay. I had two ovarian cysts rupture. The first was almost exactly as you described . The second, I was counting nsrcotics at the shift change and when the pain hit...I doubled over faintd and went to the floor. Within 2 hours I was in surgery with peritonitis. Since then I had multiple cysts do the same thing and finally i had both removed. Premarin for me.