UT Health Pacesetter Spring 2019

  1. I know its a bit early to start this forum seeing as the deadline is September 1; however, I wanted to have a place to communicate with all the people applying for the spring semester. we might be able to help each other out with information about deadlines, application status, plus its also nice to talk with people going through the same thing as you. I'll just start by introducing myself.

    My name is Edera,
    I am currently a senior in High School. I will be graduating High School with my Associate's degree, thanks to the dual credit classes I have been taking. When I finish High School I will have 40 of the 60 credit hours completed. I will be taking Chemistry, Microbiology, and Growth & Development in the Summer, and then Intro to Sociology, Statistics, and Nutrition in the Fall. I have yet to take my Hesi, I plan on taking it in June or August. I plan on starting the application this week.

    Hope to see many of you here, so that we are able to help out one another. Good Luck everyone!!
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  3. by   vickitoria19
    Hi Edera, congratulations on graduating with your associates. Well my name is Victoria. I to will be applying for the spring semester. I will be taking a medical terminology course for the summer and chemistry for the fall. I'm due to take the Hesi exam on May 19th. I also began the application but it says to add your Hesi ID number so I will finish completing the application once I have that. In the meanwhile it gives me time to write an essay for the scholarship application.
  4. by   gav10920
    Hello, I had recently just taken the HESI and would like yall to give me some feedback as to how competitive you think my scores are. I know on the site the minimum is like 75-80% each section, but what do you guys think?

    Grammar- 88
    Vocab/Knowledge- 82
    Reading comprehension- 86
    Math- 88
    A&P- 96

    Overall- 88
  5. by   vickitoria19
    I think your stats are great! I honestly wouldn't stress it since others with higher grades and perfect GPA's didn't get in. I believe the lowest I have seen is like a 3.2 GPA and 82-84 HESI score. I would definitely send what you got. Honestly for me if it's meant to be then I'll get in and if not there is always next semester.