Urine Drugscreens without pt's permission? - page 2

These are always ordered on suspicious pts, and I'm curious if that is the case everywhere? Isn't there a privacy issue here. Certain things we need to get permission for, such as an HIV test, which... Read More

  1. by   J.R.theR.N2b
    for what reasons would someone object to a drug screen? in the case of a needle stick, isn't the only information sought that which the nurse would need to protect themselves? and aren't the results confidential? joe
  2. by   lauralassie
    If it is for the betterment of that pt. it isn't required to get permission. If durgs may influence a decision about the care of that pt it's ok. If the pt is there for an employee injury and it is required by their employer the pt must be notified and papers signed.
  3. by   traumaRUs
    IL does NOT require consent for HIV testing if it involves any needle-stick or blood exposure.