Urinary elimination care plan

  1. My patient had bilateral renal stones. My nursing diagnosis is Risk for impaired urinary elimination R/T bilateral renal stones. My instructor did not like the 3 goals I had so can anyone tell me what they would use? I used maintain urinary output with no signs of obstruction, pt will verbalize imporatance of maintaing adaquate fluid intake and consume 100% of fluids. Guess I am way off base. Please help.
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  3. by   cookie102
    how about addressing pain, or risk of infection?
  4. by   Daytonite
    My guess is the reason is because this patient was hospitalized, correct? Your goals need to be timely, measurable and more narrowed. What are some of the patient's other symptoms? Did he/she have any pain? A goal could be for the patient to void without pain or evidence of blood in the urine. Also, the fluid intake goal is kind of broad and should be more focused, I think, such as patient will verbalize his/her plan on how he/she plans to consume at least 8 cups of water a day. Or, give them homework and say they are to come up with a list of fluids they like to drink and would be willing to drink on a regular basis as part of going into a discussion of the importance of keeping of fluid consumption. I would also educate this patient on the signs and symptoms of hematuria, kidney stones and urinary retention as part of my nursing interventions. Then, a goal would be for him/her to list these back to me and tell me at what point he/she will contact the doctor for medical intervention. Also, do you know why these stones formed in the first place? Is there something in the etiology that the patient can be educated about to prevent it from happening again that you can make as a goal? These all need to be done before discharge from the hospital.

    I think you might get more responses on this if you post on the nursing student forums.