Urinalysis question?

  1. Okay...pt is continuing to c/o s/s of UTI, burining, frequency, urgency occasional incontinace. Culture obtainded by clean catch using proper techinique, pt started on AbTx. Little releif of prior complaints until they took the 2 days of pyridium. Culture showed under 10,000 mixed bacteria, UA only significant for nitrates and few WBC. Last day of ABTx, urine was dipsticked and positve for trace nitrates?

    Any clue on what to recommend. Doc wants to wait and see what the new culture shows. Pt wants a uroconsult.

    does the presense of nitrates mean possible infection?
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  3. by   leslie :-D
    how high were the nitrates?
    positive for nitrates is usually indicative of a uti but there's usually some correlating lab value also.
    you can also have a uti w/negative nitrites.
    it 'sounds' rather unremarkable but i would continue monitoring.
    maybe pt should be straight cath'd.
    no fungal infections?

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