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i'm writing a cultural diversity essay, but i am stuck as i have to write a critical incident where diversity was a major issue. i was told to make this as simple as possible. i am a second year... Read More

  1. by   TazziRN
    Cultural diversity refers to beliefs and practices in cultures, not race, Trudy. Like the Oaxacans I mentioned, and the Asians brought up by another poster. Even whites in European countries have different cultural beliefs than whites here in the US. It's about respecting cultures and understanding them. Absolutely nothing to do with race at all.
  2. by   mshultz
    My Cultural Anthropology textbook takes a nonjudgmental approach towards cultural diversity. Reading between the lines, though, the textbook seems to be a little bit more accepting of other cultures than it is of our American culture.

    They do question this nonjudgmental approach at one point, when they discuss female genital mutilation.