Update to unit manager who is not a nurse

  1. My new unit manager started this week, and so far, I have found that all my worries were for naught. He is calm, personable, and professional. Much to my surprise, he told me that although he expected to walk in to a situation in total disarray, what he found was a surgical unit that is organized and well run. He told me I have done a fantastic job under the worst possible conditions and should be rewarded for my efforts. He has persuaded the higher ups to retain me as charge nurse and his "right hand man", and I will suffer no loss in pay.

    These are the highest compliments I have received since this whole debacle began. I at last feel as if I am being recognized for the work I have done. Yes! I feel good.
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  3. by   Jenny P
    CONGRATULATIONS, VICTORIA!!!! Continue as before, I wouldn't let my guard down yet, though.

    You have been a model of change and determination; you are the perfect example of what 1 person CAN do to make a place safe for both the patient and the staff. Remember to take care of yourself, now.

    I salute you for your effort.
    Jenny P.
  4. by   CATHYW
    Congratulations, Victoria!

    You are an example of ethics in action. I'm sure you've had many sleepless, tearful nights, and frustrating days. Now the "sun has come out" in your world!

    I wish you and your team members all the best!

    congratulations to you!!!
  6. by   NRSKarenRN
    Hope all is well and that this new manager lives up to your expectaions. Still keep your guard up and let him do the work now. Take a breather and have some fun.

    My hats off to you.