unlicensed nursing staff

  1. Our hospital is experimenting with using "techs" to replace our valuable LPNs. We HATE it but no one seems to care! it has caused a great amount of tension and uneasiness with these new employees having only 3 weeks training and us, the RN having to trust these people to recognize a problem. We don"t k now what to do! Any advice from those who have experienced this change and had success will be GREATLY APPRECIATED!
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  3. by   Q.
    Unfortunately, my advice would be to write to your TV stations, your newspapers, ANYBODY who will listen.

    Then I would find another job.
  4. by   P_RN
    Where are you located Sander. Oh by the way welcome to allnurses.com.

    We always had the unlicensed staff. But more recently they have been "renamed" as PCA (patient care associates) and given more duties. It is indeed frightening to see that TPTB think any warm body is just peachy keen and what are the nurses griping about now?

    What does your board of nursing say? Have LPNs actually been terminated due to this or just not replaced as they leave?

    Frankly I didn't know there was anywhere that does not have the UAP anymore.
  5. by   135ctv
    Readers Digest had a good article on the use of unlicensed assistive personnel in hospitals. I believe it was in the August or September 2001 issue.