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  1. Hi all,

    I was wondering if anyone applied to the University of Washington's MEPN program this year? I heard UW was not offering the FNP focal area for the MEPN or MS degrees anymore, just for the DNP.

    Oh, if anyone did apply what focal area did you apply too? The UW admissions dept. said they were expecting less applications this year because the FNP focal area is the most popular area.

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  3. by   lc3

    What would you say to be the most competitive nursing programs to get into: accBSN, ADN or MEPN programs? It sounds like from several posts it maybe the ADN programs that are the most competitive. Is it because they are the most cost effective and more techinical training involved instead of theory based classes?

  4. by   P_RN
    you already have a bachelor's? where are you located and are you able to relocate. a lot will depend on these facts.
    in my area there is a long list to get into one adn and very little of a list to get into another just 40 mi away.

    please note i did merge these two similar posts. hopefully we can hit two birds with one "stone" i hope this is ok with the op.
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  5. by   whiskeygirl
    Yeah I won't be appling to UW BECAUSE their FNP went DNP. Its a shame. That was the only school I REALLY wanted to apply to.