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Just wanted some informantion on unions. how many of you are in a union? how is it going? what are some big benefits?Does anyone know how many states are unionized?:confused:... Read More

  1. by   VictoriaG
    In the small rural hospital where I work, all of us would be ground to dust by our control freak CEO without Union protection. Anyone who is anti-Union does not understand what Unionization has done to prevent exploitation of American workers. Unions have set a standard, unions did in fact create the 5 day work week, as opposed to 6-10 hour days.
  2. by   -jt
    <unions did in fact create the 5 day work week, as opposed to 6-10 hour days.>

    and many other things like paid vacations, overtime pay, paid holidays, health benefits, fair wages, safety standards in the workplace (like fire extinguishers & exit doors), etc. After these things came about for union workers, because the union workers fought for them, it trickled down to become working standards for the nation. Now everybody takes these things for granted but America wasnt born with all this in place. These things that are commonplace in jobs today, are now mandated by federal law thanks to the union workers.

    None of the labor laws, workplace standards, or job benefits we have today in this country materialized out of thin air or the goodness of the employers hearts. Working people died fighting for these things that we all now have.

    It is such a contradiction to me to hear people who have 40 hr a week jobs (as opposed to a forced 7 days a week 10 - 16 hrs a day everyday), that pay them vacation time, overtime, health benefits, have fire extinguishers in the halls and other safety standards, to name just a few, will accept all this in their job but then turn right around & say "I dont believe in unions".

    Do they believe in paid vacation time, overtime, or the 5 day work week? Probably, but then they put down the very people who got those things for them & got it all made into law. Chalk it up to ignorance that they dont know its our grandfathers unions they have to thank for everything.
  3. by   PediRN
    Originally posted by sjoe
    "Don't sit back and complain!"--What do you mean? That's half the fun.

    And if you can get your coworkers to agree with you, then you ALL get to feel magnificantly self-righteous, without any risk or effort. Sounds like a great deal to me.
  4. by   ceecel.dee
    Your union is as good as the union stewards you vote in, and we've been very lucky!

    Unions do create uncreative managers though. It is "by the book" decision making with little creative, inovative decision-making allowed. It can make for lazy management. And it's all about seniority and not performance.