UMKC vs. Mid America Nazarene?!? Accelerated BSN Program!

  1. I have decided to do a career change and go to nursing school!
    I live in the Kansas City area and am looking at programs around here. I am looking for schools that offer an accelerated BSN and have been researching UMKC and Mid America Nazarene! I graduated with a General BA from KU in 2012 and a Masters this year. I understand I will most likely have to quit my job in order to return to school full time -- Its pretty frightening to think about how I will do financially, but I know nursing is what I want to do.

    Has anyone taken the accelerated program at one of these two school? Or just the traditional program?

    Pro's and Con's on the two schools?

    Did anyone have to go cold turkey and quit their job to attend nursing school?

    I would love any feedback!

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  3. by   dirtyhippiegirl
    UMKC's NCLEX pass rates are tanking right now and there was talk of them losing accreditation in the near future...
  4. by   anicole285
    Yea I recently read an article on them:

    Mid-semester rule changes at UMKC School of Nursing surprise, upset students |

    Interesting read!
  5. by   kba292030
    Hate to disagree with you but I just checked with the Missouri State Board of Nursing and found that the UMKC School of Nursing's pass rates have been over 85% the past few years. Also went to the CCNE site and see that they are fully accredited.