UK RMN's or CPN's can you help me please?

  1. Hi,
    I am trying to find some information on the Mental health services the NHS provides, but I am finding a 'closed door' attitude. And wondered if anyone on here would be able to help. Search engines on the internet are not finding anything useable, does anyone know any 'hidden' MH search engines?

    I have made tons of phone calls but are constantly being passed back to charity organisations, and my report has to be on the services the NHS provides.

    I have tried phoning MH hospitals and daycare to ask if it would be possible to have any information on what they do, such as a philosophy of care. But no one seems to want to share anything with me.

    I really hope someone can help. Many thanks.


    Plus; does anyone know the year suicide was made legal? as all I am getting is anti suide pages, or cult suicide pages.

    Thanks and sorry for begging but any URL's would be gratefully accepted.
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    Thankyou ever so much I will eventualy learn how to use my computer and the internet better.

    Thankyou very much