two job offers, need help comparing?

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    Howdy, I think this is my first post on the general forum. I'm a new grad, already passed my NCLEX (yay!) and graduating in May.

    Basically, I interviewed at a large hospital 3 weeks ago, had an awesome interview, loved the unit and the manager and fell in love with the hospital. I had scheduled interviews at another hospital but at a later date (will come into play later). They offered me the job and the shift I want, and I kind of told them the situation that I was interviewing at the other large hospital in town.

    I verbally accepted the job offer, partly in fear of losing the job due to time, partly because I REALLLY loved the floor, its a med/surg infectious disease floor.

    Just got finished with my second round of interviews at the other hospital and found an open position on a cardiac/telemetry med/surg unit (MY IDEAL job!). They offered me the job today, the shift I want and $1 an hour more...haha. I loved it there as well.

    I just need some opinions on delineating the differences in the hospitals.

    Hospital A (the first one, infect. disease floor, already accepted verbally) - teaching hospital, largest hospital in the city, newer, seems to sponsor more of the sports teams in town (not that it really matters). Great benefits

    Hospital B (cardiac/telemetry, offer made, pending decision) - private hospital, large hospital, its a tad older with smaller rooms that need updating. But the good news is that they are building a new unit to combine the med/surg, step-down, and cath lab cardiac units all on one floor in the next 1-2 yrs. Same great benefits

    Any advice from any seasoned vets about how else I could try and compare the two?:spin: :spin: :spin: :spin:
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  3. by   rsjenni
    Just to add, I have been told by multiple people not associated with either hospital that Hospital B has 10 times better customer service than Hospital A. Heard it from a cab driver on the way over who said the nurses at Hosp. B were so much better/nicer than A....argh
  4. by   Mommy TeleRN
    any idea how the nurses are treated at both? How are the staffing ratios? That would be important to me.
  5. by   nicuRN2007
    Sorry this is off topic, but I'm confused. How have you already passed the NCLEX if you aren't graduating until May? Can you do that in some states?
  6. by   rsjenni
    haha, I knew that would cause confusion, should have clarified. I'm in an accelerated 2nd degree program, technically its a MSN program but I'm stopping with a BSN/RN. So, I finished my prereqs for the NCLEX in December and took the test 2 weeks ago. Graduate with my BSN in May, I'm taking grad. classes right stinks!

    As far as nursing ratio:

    Hospital A: She told me that the ratio is 5. I'm sure it flucuates and changes but she tries to keep it 5:1.

    Hospital B: to be honest...I can't really remember but I think she said 5:1 - 6:1.

    I heard from several people that the nurses at Hospital A are nicer and the overall customer service is way better than B. I'm sure that in some way that correlates to nurse treatment. I had a chance to talk to some aids at B, they seemed to love it, the nurse manager said she drives 40 miles so that she can work there...says she loves it.

    shesh such a hard decision...ones a teaching hospital, ones private, ones public, ones bigger/smaller, I just am so darn torn!

    Thank you all sooo much for your insight!
  7. by   rsjenni
    darn and I forgot to add that Hospital B...I'd be on the weekday shift...only have to work every 4th weekend...

    Hospital A is every 3 I think...

    same shifts 7a - 7p
  8. by   Pumpkin1621
    I think you should take the job at the first hospital if you already accepted it. You wouldn't want to get on their bad side and take the other job. What if you didn't like hospital B and later decide to reapply to hospital a? Don't burn your bridges.
  9. by   Gromit
    Agree with Pumpkin. You already accepted -even though it was only verbally. It could haunt you if you declined and went to the private facility and decided you didn't like 'em. From personal experience, I prefer the larger teaching facility to the smaller private one -having tried both locally. (mileage and results may vary- haha). Does sound like both of them would be nice places to work. Its a lot easier to come back if you leave on good terms
  10. by   Hoozdo
    As a new grad, I think you would like Hospital A better - the teaching hospital. You can learn many things just by the residents doing rounds and listening in. Teaching hospitals seemed to be more geared towards TEACHING, whereas a private hospital isn't. The doctors generally are more patient at a teaching hospital.