Two-folded question about salary and resumes

  1. Hi. I have two questions...

    1) Do nurses work under contracts in docs. offices?? Hospitals?? For instance, when one is hired do they have a set contract say for 4 years, then the hospital reviews their performance at the close of that time and decides whether or not to renew a contract OR... are nurses just straight salaried??

    2) How do employers look upon folks who have entered the nursing sector from other career paths. For instance... say one has worked 7 years in Advertising. Do they need to list on a resume that they worked X years at Beacon's Advertising and then X years at Jones and Smith Consultants and so forth?? Obviously, as a new nurse, one will have no nursing exp. to start off with. How do hiring nurses look upon this and should we list previous jobs held in our "other life?"

    Much thanks for the input!! Epona
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  3. by   heartofgold
    Towards the end of my nursing program, there was a scheduled day were the students would just work on resumes and the instructors were there if we needed help. Under previous work history, I did list one or two jobs, (we all have to pay for nursing school some how) but since my instructor said make the resume "nurse oriented" as much as possible, I just listed mainly the experience and responsibilities I obtained during clinicals.
  4. by   TazziRN
    As with any other resume, you list all jobs held within the last 10 years. They may be non-nursing jobs, but they show an employment history.
  5. by   Multicollinearity
    The vast majority of nurses are not on multi-year contracts. Most are hourly or salaried.

    I plan on listing my 'former life' on my resume. While owning my own business as a health insurance broker isn't nursing - it does show the prospective employer that I have certain skills and qualities that they want. I wouldn't go into too much detail for non-nursing jobs though, on the resume. Makes for a boring and irrelavent read.
  6. by   Epona
    Thank you!!

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