Turning off your beeper while charting. Wrong or Right? Vote Now.

  1. Okay I think this is a no brainer but hey it seems as though others do have different opinions. I believe in the first admendment so lets hear what you've got to say. Thanks!
  2. Poll: Is there a problem when a nurse turns her beeper off to chart?

    • It is wrong and is abandonment!

      18.37% 27
    • Each nurse can decide for herself what to do with her beeper.

      53.06% 78
    • I don't care what other nurses do about their beepers.

      28.57% 42
    147 Votes
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  4. by   zambezi
    I voted that it is wrong (although I suppose each nurse can do what they want with their beeper within hospital policy). I doubt that policy says you can turn off your beeper to chart. If you are still on the clock and not on a break you need to be available for the patient- regardless of charting. Now, if you are staying late because you didn't get all of your charting done, then it is fine to turn off your beeper (after you have given report, etc)- however, if I had to stay late to chart, I would definately ask for overtime for it!
  5. by   HappyNurse2005
    I voted it was wrong, and abandonement, though I dont really think its abandonement, b/c you are still there, you are just making yourself hard to find. I can't really say that I don't care what other nurses do w/ their beepers b/c if i need to find them, then I want them to have hte beeper on!
  6. by   palesarah
    If the beeper is the main way of locating/communicating with the nurse, then yes, it is wrong and should be corrected
  7. by   grace90
    I think it is abandonment and neglect. I work with some prizewinners who do this and it leaves the rest of us to either tend to their patients for them while trying to get our own work done or hunt them down and tell them they are needed so they can try to weazle their way out of doing *their* job. :icon_roll

    After all, isn't our first responsibility to our patients?

    I don't mind helping other nurses out in a pinch but when the same people do this every single shift, then I'm gonna speak up.

    I do turn my phone off after 0730 if I'm staying overtime to chart. Other than that, it stays on.