trying to find a post-please help

  1. Ok Im trying to find the post with the stories of things that have gone wrong - one was a toe falling off and a penis found in the sheets.
    anybody can you help me?????? i tried the search and i still can't find it. im not even sure what forum its under.
    I really want to print these up and take them to class - we can use a laugh.
    thank you so much
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    no thats not the one im looking for. it also had errors other nurses had made etc. i just want to show the others everybody makes mistakes and things happen, not to beat ourselves up.
    i will print these stories up too--thank you
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  6. by   student-with-no-life
    thats the one - crazy stuff can happen!!!! thank you so much. we need a good laugh we have had some major issues at school lately and we need to lighten things up.
    thank you!!!!
  7. by   RainDreamer
    You're welcome!