1. Hi everyone,
    need some in-put regarding a job choice. I am a L.P.N working in canada, and I have recently been offered a position on a dialyisis unit. I need to know what to look forward to, I understand I will be starting IV'S, accessing lines and actually dializing the patient.
    I must tell you, I am a little nervous, they will train me for six weeks. I do have active surgical training and I am a pretty confident nurse, just wanted some input on the subject. Any hemo nurses out there?

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  3. by   tiger
    carz--scroll down to the renal/dialysis forum and ask your question there. probably someone can answer your question. sorry i have no experience in that area.
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  5. by   mintyRN
    Hello Carz,
    I worked dialysis for 7 yrs. Started out as a new grad. You will get extensive training, but it takes awhile to get comfortable with dialysis. Make sure you have helpful and qualified staff to train you. The machine can be very intimidating and the patients are complicated. I have found that you either love it or hate it. I enjoyed the day to day interaction with patients and it was challenging too. Some days are uneventful and somedays are a bloodbath (literally) but that is the case with every area of nursing isn't it? Good Luck