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Lucky for me I left this one facility a few weeks ago, because this situation kind of made me upset! Just reminds me that human affection is not tolerated in most facilities anymore...and that is so... Read More

  1. by   southern_rn_brat
    I met my husband at work. He was a CNA and I was the RN. I was a "self professed nun" and hadnt dated in a year. One night I am at work and I see this handsome man working with one of my CNAs. All I said was "emma, who is that adorable man?" those nuts I worked with decided that night to set us up together, the bunch of busy bodies lol. Before long most of the facility and residents were in on it. It was almost comical. Within a month he was bringing me a rose and an icee every day. He would just put them on my med cart when I wasnt looking and then leave. (he worked nights and I worked evenings...he had just been orienting on evenings) I would come out of a room and there would be a rose and an icee. The residents started calling him The Rose Man. He would bring me supper and we would sit outside and eat together on my lunch. The residents and staff would watch us out the window. The first time he ever kissed me at work we could hear them cheering from the second floor lol It wasnt long before they were planning our wedding lol. It did me NO good to tell them we needed to date first lol.

    But I will be honest...we um...sort of got into quite a bit of trouble when after dating for a shift would pull him into my med room and kiss on him

    This has nothing to do with this thread. I just wanted to tell yall how I met the love of my life