Tried a career change and hate it, now quitting

  1. Hey just needed some advise. I have been working in an ICU for a little over a year now and loved it. Then management changed and I had child care issues so everything piled up, on top of the unit slowing down and we were getting de staffed a lot. So I found a new job in an ER and the hours seemed great, totally helped with the child care problems. I accepted but stayed in the ICU prn. I started the ER and was there for two weeks and absolutely hated it. I missed being in the ICU so much, I called my old manager and asked for my full time job back and she was more than willing to give it back to me. I called the ER manager and ended up leaving a voicemail that the position was not for me and I didnt want to waste any more of his time. As I was still on orientation I didnt feel the need for a notice. He did call back and left a very long persuasive speech about giving it more time and setting up a time to come and talk with him, however I dont want to because I have the worst time saying no! I am kind of worried about buring a bridge but I dont think I could have taken one more day there. Im not sure what else to do about the situation. Any advise?
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  3. by   gonzo1
    Stick to your guns and go back to what you love. It is great that you tried something different, but if you don't love ER it will kill you. You are so lucky to recognize what you like and be able to work there.
    Don't be afraid to try something new in the future just because ER didn't turn out like you thought. It's good to stretch your wings and try new stuff, but not liking it doesn't mean that you are a failure or that you were wrong to try. I'm sure the ER doesn't want to lose you because it sounds like you are a highly respected employee, but stick to your guns and go back to what you love.
  4. by   NurseCard
    I agree, it's great that you know what you love. =) Hopefully the other issues that you were having in the ICU can work themselves out in time... your child care issues and the scheduling and all of that. Good luck. =)
  5. by   llg
    I agree that you should go back to ICU ... but you need to realize that you do need to give proper notice to your current ED position. Being on orientation is no excuse to behave unprofessionally as you leave your current job. You owe it to your current employer to give proper notice, meet with him and negotiate your date of departure in a professional way.

    Be polite. Thank the ED for the opportunity to give their unit a try. Don't insult anyone or complain. Simply say that ED nursing is not for you. In that situation, most managers will let you go right away. However, it's not your place to make that decision. If you don't follow your institution's procedures for resignation and/or transfer, you could get a bad reputation that could hurt your career in the future. Do it right and maintain a positive relationship with the ED.

  6. by   Markthemalenurse
    Do what's in your heart. If you love ICU then I believe that is where you should be.