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  1. I found travel nursing to be fun and exciting as well as lucrative!! Is anyone interested in joining a travel pool so we could see the country together and yet make good money?!!--I am about to embark on a journey to New Jersey and would like to know if anyone would like to join me?!--It's good pay and I could sure use the referral bonus!HAHA-please email me or post response-these assignments are usually 4wks with overtime being optional.
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  3. by   mustangsheba
    Mary: I would love to go, but I'm going to school (again!) right now. What agency are you working for? Where do you stay when you're working these places?
  4. by   lids
    mary i do not know if you are aware of travel nyrses and theraphists it is a complete forum with travelers that can really open your eyes to the adventures of traveling.I am not one of them, I 'm just a nursing student and i have been fasinated with all that they write, give it a try, love lids
  5. by   puzzler
    Hi Mary

    I am afraid I am too tied down right now to travel nurse. Just wanted to let you know that a number of nurses I have worked with have gone into travel nursing and just love it. Most are much younger than I and I am very happy for them. What a way to see the USA and the world (?)

    Good luck and Happy Traveling (hope you find a pal to go with you)


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