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  1. I am newly single and in 11 months am going to start travel nursing. Looking for everyone's experince in this category. Do's / dont's. Fun places to go, wildest places to go, places to stay away from etc. Which agencies pay the best, which ones are a joke etc. Any help is appreciated. Thanks guys.
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    PS: I am planning to work ER if that helps guide you all a little more.
  4. by   icyounurse
    I have taken 3 travel assignments in ICU. I really like Onassignment, they pay pretty well and provide nice housing and even airfare and a rental car on most assignments, which you won't find with budget companies. Wasn't real impressed with Preffered Healthcare, they did not pay well. Took an assignment in Florida and found out a nurse from another company on the same unit, same contract was making 5$ an hour more than me and had much better benefits. (do not go to Florida on a travel assignment unless you just want the location, you will have a terrible pt:nurse ratio and bad pay). I really enjoyed Reno, NV. Its really beautiful out there, lots to do, hospitals are really nice, and they are so close to California that they respect pt:nurse ratios alot more than the south. If you are looking strictly at pay, a few nurses I know went with Faststaff. They pay really well, but the housing sucks. They also will guarantee you lots of overtime. Anyways, good luck in whatever you choose and hope this helps some!!
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    Hey there rowmi - I went to Seattle last year and LOVED it - it's an awesome city - Long, boring drive from Indianapolis though, which is my home base too. Right now I am in NC staying with my sister. I travel with American Mobile, but that's because I like my recruiter. Do some research - I know Novapro and On Assignment are good companies. Good luck to you.