Transition from LPN to RN

  1. I have a question and this is usually a good place I have seen to get input. I am an LPN of 8 years and have been wanting to get my ADN degree. I can not go back to school the tradition way because I have children and work full-time and have a part-time job as well. So I have been looking into Excelsior College (formally Regents) to continue my schooling that way. My question is do you have to go through Chancellors/or Rue first then go through Excelsior College to finish? I have been reading some posts and they have said that you don't have to go through Chancellors/Rue because Excelsior will provide study guides, but do they supply books etc. I am really curious if anyone out there can help me because I am just about ready to start with Chancellors, but if I don't have to go through all that and go straight through Excelsior that will definatly save me money. HELP!!!!!!
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  3. by   Talino
    To get a more accurate info, you can send these questions directly to the admissions office...

    click on Nursing Admissions Office.

    You'll get prompt notification. Good luck!